Why I am running

People's voice and transperancy

I am running for Redmond City council position # 7.  For far too long members of our community have suffered a general feeling of being left out of the major decisions regarding the future of the city.  We need leaders who are willing to face the complex issues confronting our city from affordability, to transit, to safety. We need leaders willing to listen to all residents of Redmond, ensuring the best  solutions to these challenges. As a holistic practitioner, trained in functional medicine. I listen to my patients and look for the root cause of issues before coming up with treatments and solutions. I will use the same approach as your city council member.  I will build, unite, and give political voice to all residents of Redmond. As your representative, I will uphold the values that I have spent my whole life fighting for and will be the voice of  Redmond from all walks of life. 

It would be a great honor and privilege to serve as your city council member.